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Helga Gerlach Student Prize

The EAAV Helga Gerlach Student Prizes, formerly named EAAV student session prizes, are awarded for the three top presentations of the competitive student session at the International Conference on Avian, Herpetological and Exotic Mammal Medicine (ICARE).

They are intended for students with no more than three years of postgraduate studies giving their first scientific presentation on an international conference. Students already involved in a residency program are excluded from application.


Application need to be submitted by the candidates themselves online by submitting an abstract for an oral, scientific presentation and indicating (tick box) that they are eligible as students on the ICARE website.

Deadlines for submission and notification are the same as for papers submitted for the main program of ICARE.

The top three presentations are selected during and announced immediately after the competitive student session.


The prizes are awarded by the EAAV President as follows:

  • 1st place € 1000 (€ 300 to the student, € 700 to the main affiliation of the project)
  • 2nd place € 500 (€ 200 to the student, € 300 to the main affiliation of the project)
  • 3rd place € 300 (€ 100 to the student, € 200 to main affiliation of the project)