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Maëlle Beck, President

Maëlle is a 4th year veterinary medicine student at the Estonian University of Life Sciences in Tartu. Between 2015 and 2018 she volunteered at a wildlife rescue center specialized in birds (LPO Alsace). Over the past few years, she has developed a particular interest in wildlife medicine and conservation. Her goal is to become an avian veterinarian and participate in the conservative effort of the Kākāpō. 

Maëlle’s first contact with the EAAV was through the 2nd Student’s Section Summer Workshop in 2019 where she was elected Communication Officer. She has been putting her skills to the benefit of the association since. During the last student workshop in August 2021 she became the President of the Student Section Board. Her hope is to spread knowledge about avian medicine among veterinary students. Maëlle is also secretary of IVSA Estonia.

Maria Noszczyk, Secretary

Maria is a 4th veterinary medicine student from University of Environmental and Life Science in Wroclaw but currently being in Erasmus in Estonia at University of life science in Tartu.

She was volunteering in many congresses and conferences e.g. International Forum on Medical and Veterinary Parasitology, Wrocław 2018.Moreover she is member of Astronomic Club “Almukantarat”and singer in choir Tartu Üliõpilassegakoor. 

Her love for birds started at practical training in avian bird (especially pigeons) clinic when she developed an admiration and fascination to this species. In Tartu she started to develop more knowledge and skills with handling wildlife and birds. In the future, she would like to do research as also to broaden awareness of animal welfare of people.

Sara Mata Nuñez, Education Officer

Sara is a recent Veterinarian graduate from university Alfonso X el Sabio (Spain), though she started studying in Universidad de León where she was a proud member of AVAFES (Student Organization for Wildlife and Exotics Studies across Spain). That’s where she fell in love with birds. She is currently finishing her postgraduate studies in Exotic Animal Clinics.

She is eager to learn and is specially interested in small birds and rehabilitation of psittacines and paseriformes. She just hopes there is enough time to bring all her ideas to life.

Cristina Mancera, Communications Officer

Cristina is in the 5th and last year of veterinary medicine in the university of Córdoba. She has always wanted to be a veterinarian and since she was a child she was really passionate about animals in general, but mostly with birds. She has a special interest in internal medicine and surgery but she also likes conservation. In the future she would like to work as an avian veterinarian in a clinic. 

She has done several workshops and courses about avian medicine and she also volunteered in FIEB where she could work with different species of birds, from raptors to psitaccines, and learn about all of them.  

Cristina’s first contact with the EAAV was through the 3rd Student´s section summer workshop in August 2021. Through EAAV she hopes she can extend her love for avian medicine to other students.

Miksa Horvath, Officer for Partnerships

Miksa is graduating in February, 2022 from the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest. He has been interested in exotic animal medicine since his childhood and he would like to specialise in birds. Since his first year he has been spending his summers in zoos and their clinics. From 2019 he is working at one of Hungary’s exotic animal only clinic which deals with every kind of exotic species (birds, reptiles, small mammals). Miksa’s first contact with EAAV was through the Student Section’s 2nd Workshop, where he volunteered, and he was also one of the organisers for the Student Section’s 3rd Workshop. He also took part in several Hungarian and International conferences related to exotic and wildlife medicine. His main interests are diagnostics and surgery of exotic pet birds.