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Ysaline Villeneuve, President

Ysaline is a third year veterinary student at Leipzig University in Germany. After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Organisms and Population Biology in France, she started working and interning alongside biologists and veterinarians in various wildlife rescue centers in Germany, UK, Bulgaria, France, and Spain. These work experiences convinced Ysaline to further her education by pursuing studies in veterinary medicine, and she is determined to specialize in veterinary applications for wildlife health and biology research.
Alongside her studies she works as a tour guide at Zoo Leipzig and soon in the faculty exotic clinic. In her free time, she enjoys birdwatching and is working towards obtaining her wild bird ringing license.

Tamara Bino, Secretary

Tamara is a 4th year student at the University of Veterinary Sciences in Brno, Czech Republic. She is a member of the Senate at university, is the student representative for her year and is a board member of BVOIS, a local student organisation. She plans on specialising in avian and exotic medicine.
Her fascination to birds comes from a love for birds of prey, with a particular interest in owls.
In addition to her love for avian and exotic medicine, she has a passion for cardiology and internal medicine.
She is very excited to start working with the rest of the board and help bring all their ideas to life.

Victoria Kobbevik, Education Officer

Victoria is 24 years old and study at University of Veterinary Sciences Brno in the Czech Republic. She has bounced around in various organisations such as EAZWV, WAVMA and the Norwegian Vet Student Association. She is very excited to be the education officer here in the EAAV student chapter. From a young age while watching VHS tapes, made from National Geographic with David Attenborough narrating, she has been fascinated by wildlife and conservation. Victoria grew very fond of birds due to her grandparents’ two adopted cockatiels. Furthermore, the passion for conservation and wildlife medicine has always been there, but her fascination for birds and especially emergency medicine, cardiology and neurology has blossomed during her ongoing studies.
During her time so far, she has volunteered in Namibia and Costa Rica at wildlife sanctuaries, and also Tiergarten Schonbrunn in Vienna. She cannot wait to get started and hope as many of her ideas, along with other student members’ ideas and suggestions can come to life.

Dion van Wijnen, Communications Officer

Dion is a 3rd year veterinary medicine student from Utrecht University in the Netherlands. He has been Student Chair of the Faculty Council and Educational Board of his faculty as well as an active member in the local avian and exotics student association: Archaeopteryx. Moreover he is currently also involved in the organisation of Amsterdam Pride.
His love for birds started with rescueing orphaned ducklings at a young age, as he grew older he started owning and breeding several breeds of poultry such as silkie chickens. At Utrecht University his love for avian medicine grew when taking part in extracurricular education. To gain experience he started volunteering at a wildlife rehabilitation centre.
Currently Dion has the ambition to become an avian vet and share his love for birds with the world.

Sophie Klopper, Officer for Partnerships

Sophie, a third-year undergraduate student at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, holds the role of Partnerships Officer. In the role of partnerships she connects with various student organizations to cultivate innovative events and collaborations. Previously she held the position as the secretary of Archaeopteryx, an exotic study organization in the Netherlands.
She remains an active member in a committees.
Outside of academia, Sophie dedicates her time to gaining valuable experience in a clinic, where she learns more about birds and other animal care.