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Membership benefits

  • Regular Newsletters and updates of the European and the American Association of Avian Veterinarians.
  • Reduced fee for e-learning courses.
  • Reduced fee for future EAAV and AAV conferences (including ICARE and ExoticsCon Conferences).
  • Free online access to EAAV proceedings.
  • Access to the closed EAAV members’ area.
  • Promote avian medicine and exchange with international colleagues.
  • Access to the Journal of Exotic Pet Medicine (online and print access available).
  • Access to EAAV Summer Schools, courses and workshops.

Yearly membership fees

Full members:

80€ or 50€*

Graduate and undergraduate students:

40€* or 20€**

* Includes graduated students: interns, residents, doctoral and PhD students. (confirmation document required)

** Includes undergraduate students and students from B-countries. (confirmation document required)

* Members from countries on the list below are offered membership at a reduced rate.